Welcome to the Parsonage!

Howdy! My Name is Susan, and this is my new blog.

I live on the High Plains in the United States, once referred to “The Great American Desert”. Since the late 1800’s, though, this region of North America has been feeding much of the world with its tremendous output of corn, wheat and other grains, as well as beef, pork and more.

While I’m pleased by all of this, though, I have to be honest: I’m not a farmer or a rancher. In fact, I’m a pastor in a small college town. My husband and I enjoy the wide open spaces here, and the incredibly friendly people who’ve welcomed us into this small community.

In upcoming posts, I’ll be sharing bits of our lives here in the middle of the USA, from our day-to-day highs and lows to our long-term hopes and dreams. We love it here, and hope to make it our home for many years to come.

Why did I call this blog my Parsonage? Because that’s our home, and our private space, where we can be just like everyone else. My partner doesn’t call me “Pastor Susan” … just “Susan” (or occasionally other names when we disagree on something!). So, my promise to you as that my faith and calling as a minister will not intrude here. This is a religion-free zone!

Stop by again soon, and thanks for reading!

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